Tax Preparation Services

The IRS publications are written by the IRS for IRS interest. The publications many times don't fully apply the tax codes (as they were written by congress) in a manner that is favorable to you. We take the time to read and apply the letter of the law to your tax preparation. Business taxes, Audit Representation, Business Entity formation and Bookkeeping available.

IRS Audit Representation

IRS or State audits? We can correspond with the IRS on your behalf. We can negotiate with them for you to pay off outstanding tax debts. We will take the headache out of  it for you. We have federal and state examinations experience.

Since 1993

We can do your 2017-2019 Tax Return remotely, we have been doing it for years.

1. During Tax season (Jan - Apr). Two clients at a time can be serviced in our office, this can be done by calling ahead for an appointment.

Plus one person at a time can drop off between our double doors, we have a double door entry system, walk-in or call 15 minutes before and set up a Drop-Off to come inside and leave your documents in a drop off slot located between the doors. No close contact, then we can call or video chat before and after we enter your tax info. 

2) Taxes-To-Go mobile app allows you to send your documents straight to my software- encrypted and the most secure way.

3) Call to hear how else you can give us your documents to process and pay with Card, Money Order, CashApp, or Zelle. We can offer take out the fees services at a cost, through a Third Party service called TPG, some new clients may not qualify.

We have clients who haven't come to our offices in over 10 years. Yet year after year we have gotten them back great refunds, doing the taxes within 3 business days of them submitting it to us remotely.

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Extended Covid season ended Saturday July 18, 2020.

Office Hours resume on Tues. January 5, 2021.

Mondays - Fridays 10:00am - 7:00pm;

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Only remote services are available until January. Call for instructions.