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The IRS publications are written by the IRS for IRS interest. The publications many times don't fully apply the tax codes, as written by congress, in a manner that is favorable to you. We take the time to read and apply the letter of the law to your tax preparation. Business taxes, audit representation, business entity formation available. We are not perfect, but we are pretty close to it.

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Identity theft has risen to its highest levels over the last decade. Most tax pros don't have to pass a background check or even an examination to prepare taxes. They only have to obtain a PTIN number by applying on the IRS website, and complete 18 hours of courses per year to do tax returns. Enrolled Agents have to pass a federal fingerprinting and background check. Pass with a 70 percent or over score, an extensive 300 question exam on IRS individual and business laws.  

NYS Unemployment Insurance - Get 1099-G

NYS unemployment does not mail out a 1099-G reporting the annual unemployment income paid out to you, unless you request it by phone, they do provide a website PDF version.

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Our 2025 In-person Tax season Starts January 8, 2025.

Physical Office Hours resume on Monday, January 8, 2025.

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Remote services are available up to January 6th, 2025. Call for instructions. Please leave a message or email us at [email protected]