The Tax law changed dramatically in 2018 and these changes rolled into 2019 and  beyond. Then came the CARES ACT and the SECURE ACT tax changes due to Covid_19. that in some client's cases require the amending of 2017-2019 taxes. Even now Congress is still deliberating changes to the tax code that could affect 2020 taxes. Therefore we keep up to date on the changes by attaining our Certified Professional Education credits annually. Our IRS Enrolled Agent status requires we do 72 hours of CPE study every three years. Each year our preparers do at least 60 hours of courses online and in person. We are experienced and knowledgeable. 

Meet the Team

Meet our money team, We are held to a higher standard than many a CPA,
attorneys and unenrolled tax professionals. N.A.E.A. members are IRS Enrolled Agents (EA) we have to ensure that we meet the highest annual CPE education standards in the business.

Hesson Williams-Moore

Founder & CEO

PTIN Tax professional since January 2000.

Office Manager and President.

Vivian Orlando Moore

Lead Tax Professional

IRS Enrolled Agent - Licensed by the IRS to represent clients at all phases of the audit stage.  Vivian has over 25 years tax experience.

Roydan Jeffrey & Mioshie Moore

Our Tax Team consist of Tax professionals that we have hand picked and trained.

We rotate a competent set of experienced tax professionals, but every return is final-reviewed by our Lead Tax Specialist.

Visit (see schedule) or call (347) 529-1377

Our Prices start from as low as $99.00 to prepare a Single individual's tax return who has one W-2 only, and no adjustments or credits.