Tax prep fees taken out of the Refund:

Tired of waiting until late February to get your refund? Was that because you had children or education related tax credits? If the answer is yes, then you have the option of  applying for a refund advance loan of up to the amount of your refund or $6000, (whichever is smaller). This is available the first week of Jan. Lender: First Century Bank NA; (fees and loan restrictions apply) see for more info.

Tax Planning

2018 Jobs and Tax Cuts Act is the most comprehensive tax reform in twenty years. That along with the ever-changing provisions in the Affordable Care Act has made the services of a reputable firm, that actually takes pride in the work, more important than ever. When you add in the IR Act and Secure Act to the existing pre-covid rules, it's an exciting time to be a tax professional.

You can call or drop in during business hours to get the type of attention to your taxes that these times call for.

Business Taxes & Bookkeeping Services

Business Taxes are very complicated this year, but the changes in the tax code that affect small and medium size businesses are very positive. It's not just about a lower corporate tax rate, and energy friendly credits, but there are other wonderful perks, that you may be positioned for. Some may need to change their entity type to fully benefit from the changes. Call and ask to speak with our Lead Tax Specialist.


IRA, Social Security and Pension benefits.

Ask us if you qualify to take out an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), and how doing so may benefit your bottom line. If you can contribute to an IRA, you have until April 15, 2023 to take out one for the 2022 tax year. 


We can send you a download link to our highly encrypted "Taxes To Go" Mobile App, or our client portal link, that allows you to upload your tax documents, (driver's license, government I.D., W-2, social security cards, etc.) directly into our software. You're able to fill in questions about your dependents, filing status, address change etc., within the Taxes To Go app. If you live in another state. and want us to process your taxes remotely, it makes it just as safe and easy as having your taxes completed in our offices. 


Call (347) 529-1377 or email: [email protected]

Jan 13-April 20th in 2023, is what we call Tax season.

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